Stanley W. Hess

Hess, StanleyTitle: Museum Curator

Company: The Valentinetti Puppet Museum

Location: Bremerton, WA

Stanley W. Hess is the founder and lead curator serving The Valentinetti Puppet Museum, a premier nonprofit organization that has garnered a reputation of distinction for its loyal and committed volunteers, who each offer administrative and operational oversight of the museum and gift shop. At the helm of the organization, Mr. Hess is in charge of conducting research, cataloging, and overseeing the storage and labeling of exhibits and display furniture.

Mr. Hess organizes exhibitions in museums, captures stunning photographs, handles advertising initiatives, and manages promotions. Mr. Hess pinpoints his greatest achievement as the work he has done with the Spencer Art Reference Library, part of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO. It had been a badly affected library mostly understaffed. He hired a staff and turned it around. Over the years he was there, he automated it and made it accessible to the outside world, quadrupled the libraries holdings. He inherited one staff person when he arrived and went on to hire five full-time employees and a few part timers. He also implemented a lot of updated and current library programs and continued to work on updating the projects within the library.

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