Anita Mago

Anita MagoTitle: Senior Director

Company: CCI

Location: Tampa Bay, FL, United States

TAMPA BAY, FL, October 17, 2013, Anita Mago, Senior Director of CCi, Everest University Online, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements and leadership in education operations management.

Ms. Mago has been in sales and operations since 1990 and has been on the education side of the industry for the last 10 years. She joined CCI’s staff in 2009 and earned the title of senior director two years ago. In her position, Ms. Mago is responsible for handling operations management, policy and procedure development, employee retention, budgets sales and revenue growth, efficiency improvement, process streamlining, staff turnover, training and development, territory development, management, marketing, and sales. Ms. Mago is recognized for her innovation, passion and the ability to build and lead teams to improve the bottom line.

Aside from her work at the university, she does a great deal of public speaking and presenting. Ms. Mago prides herself on being proactive in staff development and enrollment management, as well as maximizing profits and revenue, and allocating resources to the right places. She attributes her success to her integrity, compliance, being professional and to always leading people to develop their talent. Looking toward the future, Ms. Mago intends to obtain an upper executive position in sales operations.

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Anita Mago

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