Barbara Goodenough

Barbara GoodenoughTitle: Producer, Actor, Reader, Independent Childhood Education Teacher

Company: Ms. B. Reads to Me

Location: Newton, MA

Barbara T. “Ms. B” Goodenough is the host and producer of “Ms. B. Reads to Me,” an instructive television show that teaches children how to learn and grow with imagery, analogies, poetry, onomatopoeia and oxymorons. Ms. Goodenough promotes learning and enlightenment as a producer, actor, reader and independent childhood education teacher, and with her television show, she provides fun-filled ways for children to discover new learning methods. She produces the public television program and researches the background of the stories she tells by learning why they were all written. She reads works of children’s poetry aloud and opens her show by telling a joke and reciting a poem. She also describes the types of expressions, images, antonyms, analogies and alliterations that will be used on her show. Ms. Goodenough understands and appreciates the advantages of public programming. She recognizes the need for informative programming that will help children to become successful learners and readers, and provide for them the tools for edification that they can easily utilize while they are simultaneously being entertained. She has spent 10 years refining her skills as a producer and educator, and she continues to strive for excellence every day. She has 16 years of experience tutoring elementary school students and making audio recordings of books for visually impaired individuals. In addition, she has participated in community theater groups, produced talent shows and plays, and designed theatrical sets for a variety of school productions. Ms. Goodenough has established two businesses of her own, Tommy’s Toys and Mortgage Placement Service. She also established her own art school and taught oil painting and life drawing classes.

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Barbara Goodenough

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