Barbara J. Keller

Barbara J. KellerTitle: Research Assistant (Retired)

Company: Temple University School of Medicine

Location: Yeadon, PA

Yeadon, Pennsylvania | November 10, 2010 | Barbara J. Keller, retired Research Assistant from Temple University School of Medicine, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for her dedication and years of service in academic research.

With an expertise in microbiology and biochemistry, Ms. Keller spent over three decades in higher education. Ms. Keller devoted her career to helping students improve their academic standings. Her greatest accomplishment in her career was becoming a researcher and working on DNA and protein structure. Dedicated to achieving successful results, Ms. Keller attributes her success to her hard work and cooperation. For anyone venturing into a career in higher education and academic research, Ms. Keller advises to have an open mind, integrity, and know that the results cannot be falsified.

Ms. Keller earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She volunteers as a teacher, tutor, and choir member for Christian Stronghold Baptist Church, and offers her skills to the Educational Services Ministry and Save the Children charity. She hopes to one day help expand the reach of the Educational Services Ministry of the Christian Stronghold Baptist Church.

For more information on the services and charity offered by Christian Stronghold Baptist Church, please visit their website at

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Barbara J. Keller

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