Belia McConnell

Belia McConnellTitle: Teacher (Retired)

Company: Los Angeles Unified School District

Location: Lomita, CA

Belia G. ‘Embres’ McConnell is a former teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District. Ms. McConnell taught elementary school for 31 years prior to her retirement, and helped elementary school teachers to successfully accommodate students and advance in the academic field. She loves teaching students and the next generation of teachers and helping to make a difference in the community and improving society. Ms. McConnell has established herself as an outstanding educator and community leader, and garnered a reputation of distinction among her professional peers; she is a recipient of recognition for professional services from the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Outstanding Teacher Award, as granted by Wilmington Park Elementary School in 2003. She attributes her success to the support she received from her family, in particular her mother, who encouraged her education, and her father, who served in the military. Ever passionate about spreading knowledge and “paying it forward” through teaching, Ms. McConnell supports the growth and development of everyone she encounters by enlightening them about how they can also teach others. Her son teaches in China, Japan and South Korea, while her daughter worked in software development for Quantum Service Company, Intuit, Omnicell. Ms. McConnell is a cancer survivor and has visited Europe, Mexico, Alaska, Japan, South Korea and Hawaii. The power of positive thinking has been an asset to her making each and every day worthwhile. She notes that she wakes up everyday being thankful for life and striving to make that day worth living.

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Belia McConnell

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