Benito Ortolani

Benito OrtolaniTitle: Broeklundian Emeritus Professor

Company: Brooklyn College, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

Location: Massapequa, NY

For 52 years, Dr. Benito Ortolani showcased an expertise in the history of performing arts, Japanese theater and the study of Italian playwright, Luigi Pirandello. Having left the City University of New York as an emeritus professor, he was a renowned educator in the area of theater art history. A graduate of the University of Vienna, Austria, Dr. Ortolani earned a license in theology, a license in philosophy, and a diploma in the language of Japanese; all of which he retained while studying internationally. An award-winning professor, he credits his copious accomplishments with the American Society for Theatre Research and the Pirandello Society of America to his strong work ethic and dedication. Likewise, Dr. Ortolani maintains affiliation with the International Federation for Theatre, the Japan Society, and the International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance.

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Benito Ortolani

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