Charles J. Mode, Ph.D.

Charles J. Mode, Ph.D.Title: Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Computer Science Department

Company: Drexel University

Location: Coatesville, PA, United States

Dr. Charles J. Mode is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics for the Computer Science Department of Drexel University. In his former role, Dr. Mode was in charge of teaching courses on stochastic models in biostatistics, demography, epidemiology of infectious diseases, genetics and bioinformatics, as well as methods of statistical inference and data analysis, including branching processes, renewal theory, Markov chains and semi-Markov processes. He also taught software engineering, computer intensive methods and Monte Carlo simulations. Dr. Mode is a recipient of Drexel University’s prestigious Achievement Award, and Cambridge Who’s Who has also honored Dr. Mode for his professional contributions to academia and research. Over the course of 40 years, Dr. Mode has dedicated himself to the improvement of his students and the fields of genetics and mathematics. His research has been intensive to Stochastic models in Biostatistics, Demography, Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, and Genetics and Bioinformatics, methods of statistical inference and data analysis, branching processes, renewal theory, Markov chains and processes, semi-Markov processes, software engineering, computer intensive methods, Monte Carlo simulations. Currently enjoying retirement from teaching, Dr. Mode is still working on his research and will soon finish and publish his next book with World Scientific – Asia.

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Charles J. Mode, Ph.D.

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