Charmaine Heimes

Charmaine HeimesTitle: Physical Education Department Head

Company: Cigarroa Middle School

Location: Laredo, TX

Laredo, Texas, December 9, 2010, Charmaine Heimes, Physical Education Department Head, Cigarroa Middle School, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements and leadership in physical education.

A hard working professional in the field of physical education, Ms. Heimes has spent the last 26 years demonstrating her passion for working with children and impressing the importance of exercise. At Cigarroa Middle School, she works with sixth- through eighth-grade students in teaching sports fundamentals, proper nutrition, and good habits for overall health. Ms. Heimes’ dedication to athletics has also earned her the responsibility of overseeing the entire department, which she executes with the ease of a seasoned expert.

In addition to her role as department head, Ms. Heimes serves as a mentor for first- and second-year teachers in the school. Having spent all but three years of her professional tenure with Cigarroa Middle School, she is not only well-versed in physical education, but can provide school-specific insight and guidance to newcomers. A certified U.S.A. Track and Field Official, she consistently collaborates with other physical educators to formulate progressive plans for the athletic program to promote and implement good health and routine exercise.

In 2007, Ms. Heimes was recognized for her nearly three-decade-long commitment to the field of physical education with a Golden Apple award and an Extra Miler award. The Golden Apple award is given to one recipient for outstanding excellence in teaching, which Ms. Heimes continues to prove on a daily basis through her enthusiasm and relentless work ethic. Likewise, the Extra Miler award is presented by the Texas A&M University, and specifically honored Ms. Heimes for her work in physical education. To date, these accolades serve as her career highlights.

Ms. Heimes holds a Bachelor of Science in physical education, with a minor in biology, from Olivet College. When she is away from her professional duties, she volunteers for Border Olympics, Inc., a nonprofit organization which hosts high school boys’ and girls’ soccer, tennis, golf, baseball and softball tournaments. An impassioned writer, she intends on publishing autobiographies and nonfiction stories in the coming five years.

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Charmaine Heimes

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