Cynthia Norton

Cynthia NortonTitle: Second-Grade Educator

Company: Canisteo-Greenwood Elementary School

Location: Canisteo, NY

Canisteo, New York | October 20, 2010 | Cynthia Norton, second grade teacher at Canisteo-Greenwood Elementary School, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for her dedication, knowledge, and leadership in education.

Having originally begun her career as a teaching assistant in a resource room, Ms. Norton was exposed to a variety of teaching methods and strategies that later prepared her to head her own classroom. With the goal to make learning fun, stimulating and interactive, she can be counted on to don a funny hat, pins, necklaces and decorated socks to supplement special lessons and honor holiday festivities. Due to her unique approach, Ms. Norton’s students’ learning rates have proven to be nothing short of impressive. Most recently, she was visited by a former student on a college break. Impassioned by Ms. Norton’s teaching style, the student now instructs her own first-grade class, incorporating many of the innovative methods she learned from Ms. Norton. This is only one of many instances wherein former students return to thank her for her unwavering dedication. It is this dedication that has awarded her a number of honors from Canisteo-Greenwood, including “Perfect Attendance” awards.

In addition to her classroom responsibilities, Ms. Norton holds writers’ workshops and strives to inspire her students to read. Her teaching background also consists of over two decades of teaching in vacation Bible school (VBS) and Sunday school as a junior church instructor. Her educational background includes a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in education from Alfred University, as well as an associate in early childhood educational studies from Empire State College.

In a time where modern educational philosophies are all the rage, Ms. Norton prefers more basic and stripped-down teaching methods, which have proven to be especially effective amongst her students. Much like the small village of Canisteo, which appeals to residents and visitors alike for its natural and simplified aesthetic, Ms. Norton has no need or desire to put on airs. Rather, the desire to embrace teaching fundamentals serves as the driving force behind her success. Her dedication and fortitude are evident in her words, “People [who] know me know that I’m here for the children. I’m not here for the paycheck or the vacations or the summers off. No. I’m here for my students.”

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Cynthia Norton

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