Cynthia Osborne

Cynthia OsborneTitle: Instructor

Company: Regents of New Mexico State University

Location: Las Luz, NM

Cynthia Osborne is an instructor for the Regents of New Mexico State University. Ms. Osborne, an award-winning educator with nearly 40 years of professional experience, shines in her role by implementing and teaching a dual credit program that helps students to learn and grow. She teaches in the mountains, and inspires others to experience academic development and become enlightened as well-learned individuals. She also creates courses that are not limited to continuing education programs. She became involved in her profession after starting out an educator for bilingual students and experiencing a natural progression to her current capacity. Ms. Osborne strongly believes in teaching the young and creating a critical thinking environment through applied education. She is a recipient of the Inspector of State Award and the Inspector of Regent Three Award.

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Cynthia Osborne

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