Cynthia Blodgett-Griffin

Cynthia Blodgett-GriffinTitle: Distance Education Professional

Company: Blodgett Learning Systems

Location: Lincoln, NE, United States

Dr. Cynthia Blodgett-Griffin is a distance education instructor at Blodgett Learning Systems, a U.S. based distance education consulting firm and provides a wide range of distance learning and instructional design services. Dr. Blodgett-Griffin has taught a number of different courses and workshops, mostly having to do with adult education, research methods, and distance education topics. She has 20 years of experience in teaching and instructional design, 18 of which have been in the distance environment. As the instructor, Dr. Blodgett-Griffin attends to required daily responsibilities. She arranges for contracts, teaches workshops and courses as contracts, and supports graduate students in their programs, emphasizing scholarship and program retention. Dr. Blodgett-Griffin earned a Ph.D. in education and human services and a master’s degree in adult education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She attributes her success to her desire to help others reach their academic goals. She had excellent professors who served as role models and shaped her understanding of how students should be taught, encouraged, and mentored. In the coming years, Dr. Blodgett-Griffin plans to continue to teach and expand her business into more consulting, and expand on an industry level and into higher education.

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Cynthia Blodgett-Griffin

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