Debbie Hall

Debbie HallTitle: Principal

Company: Glens Falls City School District

Location: Glens Falls, NY, United States

Debbie Hall is the Principal at Glens Falls City School District. In her role, Ms. Hall is responsible for dealing with everyone at the school, including students, parents and staff, and disciplining students. She makes the most of her nearly two decades’ worth of professional experience that she has come to nurture and refine, and attributes her success to sheer had work and her ability to listen to others in her efforts to best meet their needs. She was inspired to pursue a career in education by a desire to follow her dreams of helping children to reach their academic goals while simultaneously learning on a continued basis. In looking forward to a bright future, Ms. Hall hopes to continue to develop the school and help her students become ready for the 21st century. She intends to continue to provide students with a safe and caring environment.

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Debbie Hall

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