Deborah Cornish

Deborah CornishTitle: Technical Assistant

Company: Department of Life Sciences, Mohawk Valley Community College

Location: Whitesboro, NY

Deborah Cornish is a technical assistant for the department of life sciences at Mohawk Valley Community College in Whitesboro, New York. Using her knowledge in an academic setting, she bears the responsibility of maintaining laboratory operations, handling setup processes for professors, ordering and setting up materials, coordinating the receipt and return of cadavers between the college and funeral directors for the anatomy and physiology laboratory, and teaching a human life science course. An award-winning professional, Ms. Cornish was honored with a Make a Difference Award from Mohawk Valley Community College in 1992. Further, she has met with success due to her capacity to focus and fulfill the task at hand, and by drawing inspiration from her father, who taught microbiology at the college level.

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Deborah Cornish

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