Dennice Smith

Dennice SmithTitle: Speech Pathologist

Company: Irvington Elementary School

Location: Irvington, KY, United States

IRVINGTON, KY, May 8, 2012, Dennice Smith, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist for Irvington Elementary School, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in speech pathology.

Inspired by her ambition to help students to communicate effectively, Ms. Smith pursued her current career path after working in the school system with special needs students. She currently diagnoses and treats children with autism, speech and language disorders, apraxia, and cerebral palsy, and collaborates with teachers, as she is committed to supporting teachers as well as students. A solid work ethic, a genuine desire to help students to communicate well, and an ability to support teachers and students has allowed Ms. Smith to thrive as an educator; she is a recipient of the Kentucky Colonel Award for volunteering with academic clubs at Custer Elementary School.

Ms. Smith is proud of the fact that she has achieved many of her professional goals, and that she is now able to help children to accomplish their academic aspirations. She enrolled in school at the age of 32, and received a Master of Science in Communication Disorders from Western Kentucky University. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders, which she obtained from the same institute of higher education. Ms. Smith also holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Language Pathology. In looking forward to a bright future, Ms. Smith intends to continue to help students, and to become more involved with the support of children with autism.

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Dennice Smith

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