Dr. M.P.R. Vittal Rao

Dr. M.P.R. Vittal RaoTitle: Lecturer

Company: University of Ulster

Location: Newtownabbey, GB

Newtownabbey, United Kingdom | November 5, 2010 | Dr. M.P.R. Vittal Rao, lecturer at the University of Ulster, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for his dedication and leadership in higher education.

An expert in electrical and control engineering, signals, systems and controls, Dr. Rao uses his skills and knowledge to make it easier for his students to understand the complicated subjects he teaches. With lucid thinking, Dr. Rao has become a reputable educator at the University of Ulster and enjoys the opportunity to teach complex topics. According to Dr. Rao, the keys to becoming a respectable educator are being persistent when educating your students and always be open minded to continue to learn.

Dr. Rao holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, a master’s degree in technology, and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), which were all earned while attending universities in India. He retains affiliations with the Institute of Engineering and Technology, IEEE, and he is an associate fellow at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications. He has been honored with various awards for reorganization of his achievements in education, but the most memorable honor he has received was the Outstanding Man of the 21st Century by the American Biographical Institute in North Carolina.

For more information on Dr. M.P.R. Vittal Rao, please visit his personal website at http://www.mprvrao.com.

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Dr. M.P.R. Vittal Rao

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