Dr. Sara Strouss Hennings

Dr. Sara Strouss HenningsTitle: Director of State and Partner Research

Company: MetaMetrics, Inc.

Location: Winfield, IL

Director of State and Partner Research for MetaMetrics, Inc., Dr. Sara Strouss Hennings has been recognized by Elite American Educators. An expert in psychometrics, Dr. Strouss Hennings has over three decades of experience in the education industry. Attributing her success to her hard work, Dr. Strouss Hennings delivers measurement advice on technical issues in support of MetaMetric’s core business, lexile and quantile measures. Dr. Strouss Hennings earned a Ph.D. in educational research methodology, a master’s degree in educational research methodology, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1983, 1978, and 1975 respectively.

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Dr. Sara Strouss Hennings

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