Elizabeth Espadas

Elizabeth EspadasTitle: Professor of Modern Languages

Company: Wesley College

Location: Dover, DE

DOVER, DE, November 16, 2011, Elizabeth Espadas, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages at Wesley College, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in modern languages in higher education.

Dr. Espadas specializes in the area of education, and in her current capacity, she teaches an array of contemporary topics relating to culture, history and language. She educates students at Wesley College and helps them to maintain a grasp on concepts applying to Spanish, and Spanish-American and world literature. She has also garnered a reputation of distinction for her writing and the research that she has conducted on the works of renowned Spanish novelist and journalist Ramón Sender. Dr. Espadas has completed various research projects on Spanish literature from the fifteenth to nineteenth century, and she has led research undertakings on Hispanic literature. She currently conducts survey courses in contemporary world literature. Moreover, Dr. Espadas delves into the world of Spanish and Spanish-American historical novels, and examines the history of these narratives and stories in order to provide gainful insight for the people that she serves to educate.

Dr. Espadas has gained prominence for her research initiatives throughout a career that she has found most rewarding. In 1972, she was awarded with the Summer Research Grant by the University of Delaware. She was also given a research grant by the Delaware Humanities Forum. In 1992, she received a research grant to participate in the Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain’s Ministry of Culture and United States Universities.

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Elizabeth Espadas

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