Elizabeth Ann Oppenheim

Elizabeth Ann OppenheimTitle: Teacher

Company: Conejo Valley Unified School District

Location: Newbury Park, CA

Newbury Park, California | November 22, 2010 | Elizabeth Ann Oppenheim, teacher with Conejo Valley Unified School District, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for her dedication, achievements and leadership in education.

With an expertise in art education, Ms. Oppenheim teaches fourth-grade students English, art, mathematics and science. As an educator, Ms. Oppenheim has attempted to keep the quality and standards of education up, but has seen under-funding and budget decreases corrode education. In order to combat the issue, she feels that the focus of education should change and methods should be driven by the student. She believes if the teacher focuses on a student’s skills and learning ability, then the student will receive a superior education.

With nearly two decades of experience in education, Ms. Oppenheim uses positive re-enforcement to aid in her students education and she has them set goals for themselves, which increases their self-motivation and self-awareness. In the face of disastrous budget cuts, Ms. Oppenheim has had to spend much of her own money to purchase supplies for her classroom and has begun talking with parents to see if they are able to provide some of the supplies their child needs to learn. In this way the class benefits from having more supplies and parents benefit by knowing that they are contributing in the education of their child.

A former visual arts mentor for the school district, Ms. Oppenheim has always been interested in teaching and attributes her success to her optimal listening skills. She earned a Master of Arts in educational leadership from California State University in 2007 and retains affiliations with Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. An avid dancer, Ms. Oppenheim has been honored with various awards for her dedication to dance, including the Phoebe Barr Award for Dance from the University of Alabama, the Most Accomplished Dancer Award, and she was a nominee for the Bravo Award for Arts.

For more information on Elizabeth Oppenheim, please visit her personal website at http://www.aoppenheim.com.

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