Feland L. Meadows, Ph.D.

Feland L. Meadows, Ph.D.Title: Roberto C. Goizueta Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor of Early Childhood Education

Company: Kennesaw State University

Location: Kennesaw, GA

Dr. Meadows is well respected worldwide for his knowledge and implementation of the research-based, proven Montessori System of Education. He had the pleasure of being trained by Elisabeth Caspari, who studied and worked with Dr. Maria Montessori in India for four years. Utilizing his fluency in English, Spanish and French, he has prepared more than 2,500 Montessori teachers in California, Georgia, Florida, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, France and Switzerland.

Dr. Meadows served as Fuller E. Calloway Distinguished Professor at Fort Valley State University for seven years.  In 2004, he was the first to be invested as an endowed chair by the Goizueta Foundation at KSU. 

In 2007, the President of Italy sponsored a conference by the Chiaravalle Montessori Foundation. Only one Montessori Educator from each continent was invited to speak; Dr. Meadows was chosen to represent the continent of North America. 

In 2010, Dr. Meadows delivered two keynote addresses at the Cross Strait Montessori Education Conference in Cheng-Du, Sichuan Province, where more than 100 teachers from Tibet, Mongolia, Mainland China and Taiwan attended. 

Dr. Meadows is the current president of the Pan American Montessori Society. For more information about the society, please visit http://www.panamericanmontessorisociety.org.

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Feland L. Meadows, Ph.D.

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