Grady Carney

Grady CarneyTitle: Associate Professor

Company: New York Institute of Technology

Location: New York, NY

Grady D. Carney, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at the New York Institute of Technology. In his current capacity with the renowned institute of higher learning, Dr. Carney utilizes a refined background in physical chemistry and molecular spectroscopy to teach courses in general chemistry I and II, applied chemistry, engineering chemistry and quantitative analysis to undergraduate students. He also supervises undergraduate research in the areas of physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Dr. Carney is rounding out a 36-year-long career in education, and he feels he has been able to achieve his goals due to his sophisticated research skills and a sheer passion for chemistry. His dedication and commitment to helping students and his passion for providing his students with a quality education has also allowed him to give aspiring professionals opportunities to learn and grow. Dr. Carney has written papers in professional journals and reviewed articles, and he makes presentations at conferences on topics related to physical chemistry. Moreover, Dr. Carney has been developing a free education program that uses a library of DVD programs on various areas of study including 15 different languages and general education development test preparation.

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Grady Carney

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