Janet Brugger

Janet BruggerTitle: Director of Student Affairs

Company: University of the Rockies

Location: Colorado Springs, CO, United States

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, April 2, 2012, Janet Harley Brugger, MS, Director of Student Affairs for the University of the Rockies, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in faculty service and academic support.

Ms. Brugger is a former instructor of adult secondary education, and after recognizing a need for change in policies regarding admissions, she pursued a career in academic administration. She excels in taking the time to look at situations from an analytical and objective viewpoint by taking into consideration how major decisions will affect all of the stakeholders that are involved. She currently directs, manages and supervises the student life components of the department of student affairs, including student activities, campus security, career and alumni services, and plans and coordinates the annual graduation ceremony. She is also responsible for establishing and implementing short and long-range department goals, objectives and policies, and monitoring and evaluating program effectiveness, and designing, establishing and maintaining an organizational structure to effectively accomplish the departmental function. Ms. Brugger recruits, employs, trains and supervises the department staff, plans, and implements and assesses student development efforts with all elements of the university community and all facets of campus life.

In addition to her administrative and organizational duties, Ms. Brugger is responsible for developing and managing annual budgets for the organization, and performing periodic cost and productivity analyses. She handles emergency and crisis situations that pertain to students and campus life, and oversees the overall operation of units reporting to her, and recommends and participates in the development of university policies and procedures, as a member of the university leadership team. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration at Northeastern University.

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Janet Brugger

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