Janet Hightower Davis

Janet Hightower DavisTitle: Teacher

Company: Home Education Resources

Location: Maywood, NJ, United States

Janet Hightower Davis is a teacher with Home Education Resources, a premier educational institution based in New Jersey. In her capacity, Ms. Hightower Davis teaches students with disabilities, educates seventh- and eighth-grade students, and administers assignments that enable lifelong learning in the best and broadest sense of the notion. Ms. Hightower Davis has garnered a reputation of distinction for the exceptional efforts that she has demonstrated over the course of an illustrious 28-year spanning career in education, and she continues to strive for excellence in her endeavors; in 1984, she received the Outstanding Young Woman of America Award.

“Teaching is not a job,” Ms. Hightower Davis recently told EliteAMERICAN Publishers. “It is as much a part of me as my lungs are. I teach exceptional children. They call me Master Teacher and I feel [it is my] calling. I have been teaching Special Ed. since 1985. It was a chance meeting that changed my life within three days and made me go back to college to get two licenses.”

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Janet Hightower Davis

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