Janet Scarim

Janet ScarimTitle: Owner, Director, Operator

Company: House of Montessori Education

Location: Saint Louis, MO

Saint Louis, MO, February 18, 2011, Janet Lee Scarim, Owner, Director and Operator of House of Montessori Education, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, leadership and achievements in Montessori education. One of nine children, Ms. Scarim learned to assume the role of mother figure and nurturer at an early age. This inclination she employs to excellent effect today as the owner, director and operator of House of Montessori Education. She brings to the school 36 years of experience and an expertise in education administration, child care and special education. In charge of 107 students and a staff of 18, Ms. Scarim is responsible for handling administrative work, managing payroll and human resources, and ensuring the adequacy of school supplies. Ms. Scarim completed the Missouri Montessori Teacher Education Program and obtained an American Montessori certification in 1982. She also holds an associate degree in child development. As a woman who had grown up caring for children, Ms. Scarim considers herself fortunate to be able to make a living out of doing something that had always come naturally to her. She looks forward to developing her school further in the coming years.

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Janet Scarim

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