Janice Johnson

Janice JohnsonTitle: Chairwoman

Company: Shawnee State University

Location: Portsmouth, OH

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio | October 19, 2010 | Janice E. Johnson, Chairwoman for the Business Administration Division of Shawnee State University, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of educational administration.

Janice E. Johnson is an assistant professor and chairwoman for the Business Administration Department at Shawnee State University. With more than 20 years of experience in education, she specializes in information systems management and the instruction of IT applications including those pertaining to e-commerce and website design. Some highlights of her career have included developing an e-commerce path for business administration students in information systems management courses and creating a series of courses to help students achieve successful careers in e-business.

Fueled by her passion for IT, Ms. Johnson penned the “Online E-commerce, HTML, and JavaScript Tutorials,” an online resource covering internet basics and various programming languages. Additionally, she and her colleagues, Dovel Myers and Dr. Michael Barnhart, created the SSU Cyber Center. The facility helps students and displaced workers in southern Ohio learn IT and interactive digital technology skills, and pursue careers in information technology. The center is funded by a Department of Labor grant, Shawnee State University, other grants and private sources.

Ms. Johnson received a Master of Business Administration from Morehead State University. She is a certified computer professional. She is a member of the HTML Writers Guild, the General Education Advisory Committee of Shawnee State University, the Association of Virtual Worlds and the International Webmasters Association. Ms. Johnson is the Assistant Director of the Shawnee State University Cyber Center and Director of the Shawnee State University Interactive Digital Technology Applications Center. Ms. Johnson was chosen by Cambridge Who’s Who to be featured in its “Cambridge Publishing’s Top 101 Industry Experts.”

In her spare time, Ms. Johnson enjoys gardening and writing creative works. Since 1984, she has penned numerous poems and short stories; she has also written two novels. For a complete listing of her authored works, please visit her personal website atShe has her parents, James and Gwendolin Johnson to thank for teaching her the value of education; also, for showing her – through their example – that obstacles can be overcome and dreams can be achieved.

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