Jean Embree

Jean EmbreeTitle: 1) Author 2) Adjunct Professor of English

Company: 1) Wordworks Publishers 2) Evergreen Valley College

Location: San Jose, CA

Jean Anderson Embree, MA, Author and Adjunct Professor of English at Evergreen Valley College, has been recognized by Elite American Educators. With over four decades of professional experience, Ms. Embree teaches communication studies at Evergreen Valley College and writes sonnets and college textbooks with Wordworks Publishers. Ms. Embree published a new book titled ‘Young Heart Songs’ in April 2008, featuring 36 sonnets and 30 pages of illustrations by young people, and two books entitled ‘Practical Business Communication’ and ‘Practical English Composition’ between the years of 1993 and 2007. She has been featured in a program titled ‘Doers Profile’ on the San Jose Mercury News.

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Jean Embree

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