Judy L. Iao

Judy L. IaoTitle: 1) Teacher (Retired) 2) Montessori Teacher, Substitute, Consultant

Company: 1) CMS, Double Oaks Pre-K and Family Resource Center 2) Countryside Montessori

Location: Charlotte, NC, United States

Judy K. Iao is a former teacher with the Double Oaks Pre-K & Family Resource Center. Ms. Iao is a Montessori-certified consultant, accreditor and teacher. She was a head teacher for 25 years and worked with toddlers through middle school students in Hawaii, Florida and North Carolina. She traveled to Russia and Poland with People to People International as a Citizen Ambassador in education. She trained and consulted with teachers and schools in Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Ms. Iao is currently substituting and consulting at a private academic institution, Countryside Montessori, which serves toddlers though high school students in Charlotte, NC. Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, known as Pro Football Hall of Fame country, Ms. Iao went to college at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and majored in English at the school’s College of Education. Shortly thereafter, she moved to the beautiful and glorious state of Hawaii, where she lived for a total of 27 years. She feels that Hawaii was where she was spiritually nourished and flourished in all cultural aspects. Fortunately, her Montessori training occurred in Honolulu. She feels that her experiences in Hawaii helped develop her into a well-rounded teacher and educator. The joy and pride of her life are her two wonderful daughters, Haunani and Kapua. Their cultural mix includes Hawaiian, Chinese, Welsh, German, Swiss, English and Irish. They are both good, kind human beings who care about others. Haunani, Ms. Iao’s oldest daughter, lives in Kula, Hawaii, located on the slopes of Haleakala on the island of Maui. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology and works with adults on Maui. Haunani has previously worked with autistic children and in various Pre-K settings. Kapua, at present, lives in Buffalo, NY, and during the past five summers, has done archaeological digs in Greece, particularly on the island of Crete. She is the organizer of the data that is unearthed and will be returning to Crete in May. Kapua has two master’s degrees, one in Greek art and the other in museum administration; she is currently working as an assistant at a school for at-risk teens. Drumming is a musical hobby that has been a major influence for Ms. Iao. Drumming has given her the freedom to express herself wholly and creatively. Music and dance have always been an important part of her life. In addition, she feels that music plays a considerable role in a child’s education. Music helps the child to develop socially, academically, physically and spiritually. Retirement to Ms. Iao means that she is on a journey to accomplish many other goals and dreams. She will continue to work with children and adults and travel to many destinations to do more teacher training.

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Judy L. Iao

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