Karyl Kraushaar Ketchum, MA

Karyl Kraushaar Ketchum, MATitle: Education Specialist

Company: Oceanside Unified School District

Location: Oceanside, CA, United States

Karyl Kraushaar Ketchum, MA is an Education Specialist serving the Science division of the Oceanside Unified School District. A well-rounded and versatile professional background that comprises disciplinary experience, and that of working with problem-prone children allows Ms. Ketchum to expertly oversee 271 children in seven classes and to assist students with behavioral issues. In addition to these responsibilities, Ms. Ketchum is in charge of coaching school sports. Ms. Ketchum was named both Teacher of the Year and Science Teacher of the Year for her outstanding efforts. She became involved in her profession because she wanted to be a coach, but as her career progressed, she began to grow within the education field and served as dean.

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Karyl Kraushaar Ketchum, MA

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