Kathleen Jones

Kathleen JonesTitle: Teacher

Company: St. Stephen The Martyr School

Location: Omaha, NE

Kathleen A. Jones is a Teacher at St. Stephen The Martyr School. Ms. Jones specializes in physical science and physical education instruction, and in her role as an educator at the renowned Omaha, Nebraska establishment, Ms. Jones teaches physical and earth science to seventh- and eighth-grade students. Inspired by the edification instilled in her by her mother and grandparents, who served as educators, to pursue her current career path, Ms. Jones has been able to follow in their footsteps and continue a tradition of excellence by giving students the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, Ms. Jones was greatly encouraged by her high school coaches, teachers and principal. She is passionate about helping children achieve their academic goals by giving them confidence to live up to their potential, and by showing them how to utilize their talents. Her personal mantra is: “Be true to yourself.” She dedicates this recognition to her children, Caroline, Jonathan and Jamie.

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Kathleen Jones

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