Laurie Hall

Laurie HallTitle: Teacher

Company: Twin Falls School District

Location: Buhl, ID, United States

Laurie Hall is a teacher serving the Twin Falls School District, located in Buhl, Idaho. A refined background in special education allows Ms. Hall to assist children with special needs in accomplishing their academic goals and improving their ability to perform tasks. She currently teaches students with learning and behavioral disabilities, and utilizes her diverse skill set in efforts to give each and every child the opportunity to succeed. Ms. Hall was inspired to pursue her current career path by the stirring experience of seeing a child in her son’s age range suffering from learning and behavioral difficulties. She was thereby motivated to become an agent of positive change and driven to become a teacher that would help learning disabled children to reap the academic benefits and rewards that other children are able to receive through proper schooling and instruction. Ms. Hall has spent 15 years in her field, and she continues to strive for excellence in her endeavors.

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Laurie Hall

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