Lettilou E. Nelson

Lettilou E. NelsonTitle: Community and College Education Coordinator

Company: Pine River Community Learning Center

Location: Alamosa, CO, United States

Lettilou E. Nelson is a Community and College Education Coordinator for the pine River Community Learning Center. With a pronounced skill set and background in education, Ms. Nelson shines as a luminary in her field, bringing forth more than 25 years of professional experience to her current role. She is primarily responsible for working with college students looking to obtain certificates and Ph.D. coordinate education throughout the entire community. She has delivered a lecture at the technology and education conference titled “This Generation of Students.” Additionally, Ms. Nelson is a contributing author for a webinar presentation on online advising through innovative education. She wrote an article for the International Society for Technology and Education. Ms. Nelson has also given a presentation on E-reading versus E-learning at Adams State University, and contributed the “Guide to building equality online or hybrid course” at Pueblo Community College.

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Lettilou E. Nelson

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