Lisa R. Norman Ph.D.

Lisa R. Norman Ph.D.Title: Associate Professor

Company: Ponce School of Medicine | Public Health Program

Location: Ponce, PR

Ponce, Puerto Rico | November 2, 2010 | Lisa R. Norman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Public Health Program at Ponce School of Medicine, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for her dedication, knowledge and achievements in medical education.

An expert in HIV prevention, Dr. Norman conducts behavioral research for persons at risk for HIV. Dr. Norman began her career in HIV prevention research at the CDC, after resigning she accepted an academic position in Jamaica. After experiencing the devastation of HIV/AIDS in the community, Dr. Norman chose to devote her research to target disadvantaged persons, mainly in the Caribbean. She attributes her success in her over 20 year professional career to her education, passion, and drive. She believes that in order to succeed you must be passionate, patient, and empathetic to others. Dedicated to advancing the knowledge of HIV, her greatest highlight is educating women on prevention.

Currently pursuing a doctoral degree in public health at Walden University, Dr. Norman earned a Ph.D. in sociology in 2000 at Emory University. She also holds a Master of Arts in applied behavioral science from Wright State University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Western Kentucky University. Dr. Norman has maintained affiliations with the National Hispanic Medical Association, the American Sociological Association, the American Public Health Association, International AIDS Society, and the International Harm Reduction Association.

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Lisa R. Norman Ph.D.

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