Lydia Taitingfong Mendiola

Lydia Taitingfong MendiolaTitle: Teacher

Company: Guam Public School System

Location: Barrigada, Guam

Lydia Taitingfong Mendiola is a teacher for the Guam Public School System. With a sophisticated background in reading instruction, Ms. Mendiola monitors students before classes start, helps them to catch up on their studies and skills, and motivates others. She teaches third-grade students, instructs music and art, and assists teachers, as well. Ms. Mendiola was hired as a regular classroom teacher for all elementary subjects following her position as an aide. From then on, she strived to update her skills by taking evening classes at the University of Hawaii, San Jose, Portland, and a University of Guam extension. She resigned on June 8, 1984, and moved to Guam to complete a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. After graduating in 1985, she was hired at Anderson Elementary School, where most of the students were military dependents. It was a challenging year of her life, but she worked hard to learn quickly. Ms. Mendiola is now a teaching coach for her grade level. Her philosophy is to teach, feel, see, hear and help each child that comes her way. The nine months she works with each child is a treasure in her heart, and her message to students every year is, “I am working hard to give what I can, teach to the best of my knowledge and extend if I can, so that in the future you will lead this world to a better tomorrow. That one day, my grandchildren, great grandchildren, will also learn from you.” Kathleen Palomo, a former vice principal and one of Ms. Mendiola’s former co-workers, describes Ms. Mendiola in the following way: “Mrs. Mendiola has demonstrated the true meaning of being one of Guam’s finest educators. She ensures that all of those whom she services are treated fairly and given the right to be taught accordingly with the curriculum set forth by the Guam Public School System. She extends her career outside the realm of her classroom by getting involved with various school activities that enhance student achievement. Her abilities to take control of any challenges are admirable.” The following words were given by another former vice principal: “Lydia Mendiola is an experienced educator who has a genuine interest in the academic well-being of her students. She treats each of her students like they were her own children putting their welfare and learning above all else. Her class room is well organized and her lesson plans are well thought out tailored to her students. She is innovative in tailoring her lesson plans to the abilities of her students to advance their learning. Ms. Mendiola is creative and resourceful in the use of the local daily newspaper to meet the individual learning needs of her students. In addition, she is a conscientious individual who is rarely absent. Ms. Mendiola thoroughly enjoys the challenges and rewards of the classroom as evidenced in her creativity.”

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Lydia Taitingfong Mendiola

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