Lydia R. Herndon, Ph.D.

Lydia R. Herndon, Ph.D.Title: Adjunct Faculty Member, Teacher Educator, Speaker, Curriculum Writer

Company: Gordon College

Location: Barnesville, GA, United States

BARNESVILLE, GA, October 29, 2012, Lydia R. Herndon, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty Member, Teacher Educator, Speaker and Curriculum Writer for the Division of Teacher Education at Gordon College, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in higher education.

In multiple instructional and directorial capacities, Dr. Herndon is able to teach others by making the most of her proficiencies in moral education, teacher education, diversity and multicultural education, and educational foundations. She currently teaches between 90 and 95 freshmen and sophomores in three sections of an introductory course in multicultural and diversity education, and teaches from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Dr. Herndon has garnered a reputation of distinction and prominence for a strong professional background, nurtured over the course of a career that has spanned more than 35 years. She has authored a number of published works, including “A Framework of Analysis for a Character Education Program” and “The Liberty Tree as a Way to Incorporate Ethics into Every Core Subject.” She is also the author of “The Implementation of Georgia’s List of Core Values” (1994).

Through it all, Dr. Herndon pinpoints the highlight of her career as having “The Implementation of Georgia’s List of Core Values,” her dissertation, accepted in 1994 at Georgia State University, Atlanta. After graduating Cum Laude from Duke University and earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, she went on to attend Georgia State University and earn a Master of Education, and obtain a Ph.D. in Educational Administration. Another highlight of her career was presenting curricula for various academic subjects that were integrated with character/citizenship education to public school children in Georgia.

Dr. Herndon was an adjunct professor in Georgia and Alaska for 17 years and spent three years as a paralegal. She and her husband own a traveling museum that includes a teaching tent, a World War II motorcycle that is still running, and presentations in which her husband dresses up as various historical characters. The “teaching tents” starts with American values from the colonial period and ends with students recognizing those American values in the present time. Dr. Herndon also helped organize Kennesaw State University’s Center for Leadership, Ethics and Character.

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Lydia R. Herndon, Ph.D.

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