Mariellen Hoffman

Mariellen HoffmanTitle: Principal

Company: Barney Ford Elementary School, Denver Public Schools

Location: Denver, CO

Mariellen Hoffman is the Principal at Barney Ford Elementary School, a subsidiary of Denver Public Schools. With more than three decades of professional experience under her belt, she shines as a luminary among academic professionals by demonstrating an innate passion for teaching others and helping young people to develop into future leaders.

As the principal of the Barney Ford Elementary School, and is an integral part of the effort to turnaround that has been initiated in the Denver Public School system. Ms. Hoffman has spent over 30 years in education, and takes great satisfaction in being a part of molding students into successful adults. At her post, she is responsible for scheduling, evaluating teachers, and meeting with students and parents in order to ensure that parents are fully informed and that students are on target with their goals. She also manages after school programs, makes certain that district responsibilities are being met, and attends meetings. Additionally, Ms. Hoffman is responsible for overseeing overall professional development.

Ms. Hoffman has garnered a reputation of distinction for her peerless efforts as an academic administrator and endeavors which champion the district’s mission to help students to learn and grow. She remains abreast of trends and development in education as a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. She is also committed to supporting such worthy causes as the Parkview Congregational Church, and the P.E.O. Sisterhood, an organization with which she is formerly affiliated as president.

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Mariellen Hoffman

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