Mary Cassidy

Mary CassidyTitle: Director of Religious Education, Liturgist

Company: St. Brigid of Kildare Parish

Location: Dublin, OH

Reassured by her faith in God and love of learning, Mary Cassidy demonstrates an expertise in religious education backed by 42 years of experience. As liturgist and director of religious education at St. Bridgid of Kildare Parish, she is pertinently responsible for conducting adult faith-enrichment workshops, spearheading certification classes for Catechist teachers, instructing on sacramental preparation, and directing retreats, liturgical programs, and scripture studies. Named woman of the year in 2006, Ms. Cassidy holds an advanced certificate in catechesis, a Master of Arts in Theology from Ohio Dominion University, and two Bachelor of Art degrees from Silver Lake College in music and English. With an aspiration of mentoring in the future, Ms. Cassidy displays a genuine love for all of the programs at the school and a desire to uphold them with the highest regard.

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Mary Cassidy

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