Paul Bracken

Paul BrackenTitle: Associate Professor

Company: Department of Mathematics, The University of Texas-Pan American

Location: Edinburg, TX

Paul Bracken, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor for the Department of Mathematics at The University of Texas-Pan American, a leading university mathematics program with a mission to provide students of mathematics an environment of academic freedom that will ensure the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of knowledge and the appreciation of mathematics. Mr. Bracken has published 90 papers, a feat that he feels is his greatest career achievement to date. He currently teaches mathematical physics at the university, and Mr. Bracken has held various positions in McGill University, Montreal, Concordia University, Montreal and Center de Recherches Mathematiques. He has presented papers at the Joint Mathematics Meetings of Atlanta at Canada in 2005, San Antonio in 2006 and New Orleans in 2007. He has also published many articles, including “Hamiltonian Formulation of Yang-Mills Theory and Gauge Ambiguity in Quantization” and “Factorization of Second Order Matrix Differential Operators and a Matrix Darboux Transformation,” in the Canadian Journal of Physics 81, “On Vortex Solutions and Links between the Weierstrass System and the Complex Sine-Gordon Equations,” in the Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics 10, 4, 464-486 with P. Goldstein and A.M. Grundland, as well as “A Geometric Structure for Quantum Mechanics,” in the International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 42, 4, 775-781, all in 2003. He has published more than 90 papers, including “Transformation of Bethe and Lieb-Wu Equations, Finite Cycles into Secular Polynomials” for Physical Review Letters in 1996 and “Symmetry Properties and Explicit Solutions of the Generalized Weierstrass System, Nonconstant Mean Curvature Surfaces and the Nonlinear Sigma Model” for Acta Applicandae Mathematicae 92, 63-76 in 2006.

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Paul Bracken

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