Paula D. Garrison

Paula D. GarrisonTitle: Teacher

Company: Exceptional Children Have Opportunities Joint Agreement

Location: University Park, IL, United States

Paula D. Garrison is a Teacher for the Exceptional Children Have Opportunities (ECHO) Joint Agreement in University Park, Illinois. With a well-refined background in biology, Ms. Garrison provides children with the resources they need by assisting students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, and teaches music to kindergarten through fifth-grade pupils. She has stood out as an exceptional academic leader by providing the openhandedness and generosity that those with whom she works have found to be an outstanding quality. She is also giving to her students, and serves as a caretaker to them, especially in cases where there may be a lack of guidance in their homes. Ms. Garrison loves to work with low-income youths and help them with innovative educational tools. She attributes her success to the inspiration she received from her mother, who showed her the importance of education.

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Paula D. Garrison

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