Rudine Oliver

Rudine OliverTitle: Teacher

Company: Sweetwater Elementary School

Location: Miami Gardens, FL, United States

Rudine B. Oliver is a teacher at Sweetwater Elementary School in Miami, Florida. Regarded as an expert in student interaction and reading, Mrs. Oliver proficiently mentors others and teaches second-grade students to excel academically and personally. She has dedicated 38 years to her field, and has made an impact on her students; she plans on continuing to do so. She has proven herself as a passionate, caring and driven educator over the course of her career. Mrs. Oliver also tutors children and plans to become involved in local youth ministries. She attributes her success to her hard work, dedication, passion, dedication, and commitment to remaining current in her field. She attends workshops and conferences, networks with colleagues, reads professional magazines, and stays affiliated with professional organizations; she recently returned to college to obtain a specialist degree in her field. As a result, she became an effective teacher in her classroom as well as a mentor for new teachers at her school. Upon reflecting on the elements that have played key roles in her success, she credits her father with teaching her to work hard to accomplish her goals at a young age. Furthermore, in taking a classic approach when it comes to life as a whole, Mrs. Oliver does not sweat the small stuff; she always remembers not to worry about things that she cannot control and realizes that nothing is promised in life. When facing a dilemma, she recalls a quote she once read in an article to motivate her: “You can do anything that your mind can conceive, as long as you have the willpower to back it up.”

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Rudine Oliver

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