Sheila Perkins

Sheila PerkinsTitle: Human Resources Secretary

Company: Indian Prairie School District 204

Location: Aurora, IL

Aurora, Illinois | November 8, 2010 | Sheila Perkins, human resources secretary for Indian Prairie School District 204, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for her achievements in human resources.

As the human resources secretary, Ms. Perkins conducts employee verifications and posts open job positions. With over 12 years experience in her field, Ms. Perkins attributes her success thus far to the support she receives from her family and colleagues. Dedicated to completing all of her tasks efficiently, she often goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She enjoys her career because business is constantly changing and she advises that others take things one day at a time to succeed in their position.

Each day her co-workers are what motivate her. With a tremendous concern for her fellow workers, Ms. Perkins will go to any length to ensure everybody is taken care of to the best of her ability. As an experienced professional, Ms. Perkins greatest lesson was learning how to deal with others. She is deeply interested in people and by working in human resources she is able to touch the lives of others. However, her greatest challenge in her career has been learning new tasks and doing administrative work, but she has learned to enjoy the challenges and she loves that learning allows her to grow as a person.

A graduate of the College of DuPage, Ms. Perkins earned an associate degree in office management in 1996. Dedicated to conducting quality professional work, Ms. Perkins has been honored for her success by Cambridge Who’s Who® as Cambridge Publishing’s Top 101 Industry Experts in Education for 2010. For more information on Ms. Sheila Perkins and her accomplishments, please visit her personal website at

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Sheila Perkins

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