Steven Vladem

Steven VlademTitle: Motivational Speaker, Author, Executive Producer

Company: Professional Speakers Bureau International

Location: Evanston, IL

Dr. Steven A. Vladem is a motivational speaker, author and executive producer of the Professional Speakers Bureau International, a renowned professional speakers’ agency offering talent management and networking services on a worldwide basis. With a sophisticated and versatile background in mathematics, computer science and motivational speaking, Dr. Vladem delivers effective inspirational speeches which serve to encourage and raise the spirits of his audience. The award-winning speaker, educator and leader has garnered a reputation of distinction for a demonstration of his desire to serve his community and motivate disabled individuals; he has received the Albert Schweitzer Medal of Science and Peace from the London Diplomatic Academy, the John W. Rogers Educator of the Year Award for Junior Achievement, the Champion in Alzheimer’s Research Award as granted by the Alzheimer’s Association, the Torch for Global Inspiration Award, and the Da Vinci Diamond Award.

Dr. Vladem has spent a lifetime overcoming adversities, and he is proud to be able to spread awareness of how people can gracefully triumph over their challenges. He has worked as an instructor and administrator for 24 years in the education field in both mathematics and computer science departments, and he was pivotal in the design of various computer-assisted instruction techniques. Dr. Vladem is currently working on three films, one based on his personal life and another based on people who inspired him to succeed. He is the author of “Second Sight,” an inspirational first-hand account of his struggle with blindness. Dr. Vladem works to establish unique “flying eye banks” programs and transplant procurement centers in remote parts of the world, where transplantation is not currently being performed. An active member of his own community, he has arranged for high school students to volunteer at hospitals, charitable institutions and government organizations.

In addition to his renowned tome “Second Sight,” Dr. Vladem authored “The Jigsaw People,” and he has been featured in “Inspiring Hope: Stories of Hopeful Living for More Success,” “The Blue Book of Diplomacy and Science,” a London Diplomatic Academy publication. He feels that he has been able to successfully triumph over adversity because his parents always taught him that when life hands you lemons, you are to make lemonade, and although he has been handed quite a few lemons, he has been able to enjoy the sweet nectar that is the product of persistence. Dr. Vladem was told by numerous doctors that he would never be able to really work, or accomplish much of anything. The array of medical issues that Dr. Vladem has faced in his lifetime includes blindness, eye transplants, and heart trauma. In striving to create a positive outcome from all of the hurdles, he has received numerous awards and honors for education and community service, and he now makes every effort to show people that the things that seem impossible can be made possible.

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