Suzan J. Waller, Ph.D.

Suzan J. Waller, Ph.D.Title: Professor, Lead Faculty

Company: Franklin University

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Dr. Suzan J. Waller is a Professor and Lead Faculty member at Franklin University, an institute of higher education which caters to a non-traditional population and makes education possible for working adults offering many courses online. Professor Waller’s expertise is in social psychology and the sociology of deviance. She became involved in her profession because of the influence of her first sociology professor, who imparted on her the importance of making the world a better place. At present, she is responsible for designing courses in sociology, anthropology, and applied research methods, and hiring and supervising adjunct professors. She also mentors others, plans course schedules, and teaches a variety of sociology courses.

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Suzan J. Waller, Ph.D.

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