Walter McVeigh

Walter McVeighTitle: Assistant Education Case Manager

Company: Supported Education, Caminar

Location: San Mateo, CA

Walter J. McVeigh III is an Assistant Education Case Manager for the Supported Education Department at Caminar, a nonprofit organization and provider of community-based support services for people with disabilities in San Mateo County. With nearly three decades of professional experience under his belt, Mr. McVeigh shines in the areas of counseling and education, and he specializes in creating a safe, compassionate and comprehensive environment in which students can retreat in a time of crises, or when there is a need to vent emotional feelings. At his current post, he teaches classes, assists students with college applications, and counsels individuals with anxiety. Mr. McVeigh became involved in his profession because he wanted to help people with disabilities. He worked as a peer mentor and was referred to Caminar by a recruiter before eventually transitioning into a teaching position. The highlight of his career was being the honoree of Educator of the Year in San Mateo County in 2005. He feels that the most gratifying aspect of his career is that he is able to serve as a role model, and teach classes that both help students to achieve their academic goals and feel psychologically secure. The award-winning professional is pleased to be able to make a positive impact in the lives of those with whom he works on a regular basis. He received the Bridge Builder Award, Special Congressional Recognition as Educator of the Year 2005, and the Hall of Fame Award for Mental Health Growth and Leadership.

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Walter McVeigh

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