Winthrop McGriff

Winthrop McGriffTitle: Supervisor of Physical Education, Director of Athletics

Company: Montclair High School, Montclair School District

Location: Montclair, NJ

Winthrop Franklin McGriff is the Supervisor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics at Montclair High School, a subsidiary of the Montclair School District. In his role as the department’s supervisor, Mr. McGriff utilizes an array of proficiencies in administrative leadership and coaching, and promotes the advancement of the academic institution by supervising 14 teachers, coordinating and ensuring curriculum is followed and that core standards are achieved, and directing 30 sport programs, 55 coaches, and 10 instructors for a group IV high school. He also organizes a sports program, and manages a budget of $500,000 for transportation, coaches’ stipends, officials’ equipment and supplies, uniforms, entry fees and security. Additionally, Mr. McGriff is responsible for hiring coaching staff and instructors, evaluating head coaches, scheduling sports programs, assigning officials, planning annual reports and ceremonies, and organizing seminars. Ever determined to serve as an agent of positive change, Mr. McGriff makes every effort to support worthy causes and make valuable contributions to the high school, and to his community. He pinpoints his meeting Martin Luther King Jr. on March 27, 1968, when he was the student body president of his high school, as a life-changing event.

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Winthrop McGriff

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