Janet Rohan

Janet RohanTitle: Adjunct Professor

Company: The College of New Rochelle, School of New Resources

Location: New Rochelle, NY

NEW ROCHELLE, NY, April 1, 2014, Janet Lee Rohan, MS, BA, Adjunct Professor at The College of New Rochelle, School of New Resources, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements and leadership in higher education.

With the help of a friend, Ms. Rohan realized that she was a natural-born teacher whose ability to communicate well enables her to connect with students. She joined The College of New Rochelle in April 2008 as a secretary and was promoted to adjunct professor in January 2012. In her role, Ms. Rohan teaches one night a week, and handles classes on public speaking and an introduction to computer applications, video stream classes, and independent studies.

Ms. Rohan’s classes and teachings assist people in seeing who they are and help them grow. She enjoys being able to interact with a diverse group of people while sharing her knowledge and experiences with them. Ms. Rohan believes she has been able to excel in her professional endeavors because of her determination and trust interest in helping others. Looking toward the future, she wants to continue to teach, as it is an important role. Ms. Rohan also wants to pursue writing more seriously. She is currently working on “7 Years Married.”

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Janet Rohan

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