Joan Laredo-Liddell

JOan Laredo_liddell 196672Title: Educator (Retired)

Company: Saint Barnabas High School

Location: Yonkers, NY

Yonkers, NY, May 9, 2014, Joan A. Laredo-Liddell, Retired Educator for Saint Barnabas High School, has been recognized by Elite American Educators for dedication, achievements and leadership in secondary education.

After realizing the importance of education, Ms. Laredo-Liddell decided to dedicate herself to the field. She taught for more than 50 years and garnered a reputation for her ability to teach chemistry. She worked at St. Barnabas for 42 years where she bonded with her students and played a major role in their academic success. Although she is retired, Ms. Laredo-Liddell is still highly involved in science education at all levels, working to provide opportunities for all students to learn and participate in science-related activities.

Ms. Laredo-Liddell has worked hard to provide the best educational services to students. Aside from teaching at Saint Barnabas High School, she also taught college physics at Concordia College, and was an adjunct professor at the College of Mount St. Vincent, Fordham University, and Marymount College. Her knowledge of chemistry also got her published in “Lipids.” Ms. Laredo-Liddell believes that she excelled throughout her career due to her perseverance and love for her profession. She would like to continue contributing to the education field while also taking the time to enjoy her retirement.

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