Brenda Sleezer

Brenda Sleezer Title: Fifth-Grade Teacher (Retired)

Company: Burlington Unified School District #244

Location: Burlington, KS

Brenda Sleezer is a retired fifth-grade teacher who dedicated 24 years of service to the education field. Mrs. Sleezer last worked for the Burlington Unified School District #244 where she taught mathematics, reading and social studies. Mrs. Sleezer was encouraged to enter the education industry by a principal and speech therapist. She enjoyed working with children and assisting in their development, and established herself as a well-respected teacher. Throughout her career, she has taught second and fourth-grade students, and improved students’ adequate yearly progress in the areas of reading and mathematics. Mrs. Sleezer attributes all of her success to the leadership skills of her supportive superintendents and principals. Enjoying retirement, Mrs. Sleezer and her husband recently purchased a golf course.

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Brenda Sleezer

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