Frederick Crane

Frederick  Crane Title: Biology Professor (Retired)

Company: Purdue University

Dr. Frederick Crane is a retired biology professor who served in an academic setting for more than 63 years. He last worked for Purdue University where he taught a variety of courses and conducted research. Dr. Crane is driven by his curiosity and is constantly measuring, recording research and learning. He has contributed to the industry in numerous ways and was credited with discovering the co-enzyme Q10, which is very helpful for people with heart failure, as well as the trans plasma membrane electron transport for the control of cell growth. Dr. Crane has shared his knowledge with professionals and universities around the world. He has worked with Professor Anna Gvozdjakova of Comenius University and Slovakia Bratislava, and has collaborated with some of biology’s brightest minds. For his exceptional work, Dr. Crane was awarded an Honorary MD through the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and earned the Award in Biochemistry and the American Chemical Society Award. Dr. Crane’s willingness to fight against generally accepted ideas has enabled him to succeed professionally. He enjoys the thrill of finding something new and looks to continue to improve the field through his research.

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Frederick  Crane

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