Gail Brown

Gail BrownTitle: Associate Professor, Director of Teacher Licensure

Company: Lynchburg College

Location: Lynchburg, VA

Dr. Gail Brown always wanted to be a teacher and was inspired by her elementary teachers to enter the industry. Today, she has 41 years experience in education and served as an associate professor and the director of teacher licensure at Lynchburg College. In her role, she is responsible for teaching reading classes and conducting research for the undergraduate and master’s degree programs. Dr. Brown started out as a first grade teacher and served in that position for 13 years before becoming a reading specialist. Reading has been a passion of hers and she believed that teaching reading was of the utmost importance because reading plays a part in a child’s future success. The next logical step in her career was teaching teachers because she wanted to ensure that future teachers have the necessary skills to reach their students and help them succeed. Dr. Brown became a teacher at the university level and has garnered a reputation as a well-respected educator who takes the time to nurture and prepare her students. She earned a Doctor of Education in educational administration, supervision and curriculum instruction and a Master of Education in reading at the University of Virginia, and a Bachelor of Science in elementary education at Radford University. She is also a certified reading specialist. A recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award through the Regional Reading Teachers Organization, Dr. Brown attributes her success to her learning skills and passion for teaching. In the coming years, she would like to utilize her teaching skills to establish a consulting firm.

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Gail Brown

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