Karen Blair

Karen BlairTitle: Professor

Company: The Pennsylvania State University

Location: University Park, PA

Realizing the need for change in the field of health care development, Dr. Karen Blair entered the education field. For the past 17 years she has served as a professor at The Pennsylvania State University where she teaches science, health and human development courses. Dr. Blair is known for her expertise in health science and health care administration, and draws on her past experience in the health care field to advice, guide and mentor students. Throughout her career, she has held various research positions and has published numerous articles through the university. Dr. Blair has achieved great success in her field and has been rewarded for her contributions. She was named one of the Greatest Minds of the 21st Century in 2010, VIP Outstanding Woman Executive of the Year by the National Organization of Women, and International Health Professional of the Year from 2003-08. Dr. Blair has also been credited with leading the acquisition of more than $1 million in local, state and federal grants for a health care facility. She attributes the success of her 31-year career to the support she receives from her parents and mentors. Looking toward the future, Dr. Blair hopes to attain a higher position, participate in a medical society to serve more people and serve on the board that will use grants to address health care issues.

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Karen Blair

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