Anne Mungai, Ph.D.

Anne Mungai 1633883Title: Professor and Chair of Curriculum and Instruction

Company: Adelphi University

Location:  Garden City, NY

Dr. Anne Mungai is a professor and chair of curriculum and instruction at Adelphi University. Dr. Mungai got involved in the education industry 17 years ago due to her desire to impart her knowledge and experience on others. An expert in multicultural education, inclusion and gender issues, and international education, she joined Adelphi eight years ago and has become an integral member of the university’s staff. In her role, she is responsible for teaching classes, conducting department meetings and handling administrative work. Dr. Mungai was awarded the National Peace Scholarship and Thoman Fellow Scholarship, and holds a Ph.D. in philosophy of education from Michigan State University. She attributes her success to having good mentors, conducting research and keeping abreast of what is current in the field. In the coming years, Dr. Mungai would like to publish more articles and books. She would also like to conduct more research to see how students have progressed in the field. Dr. Mungai is also dedicated to giving back to others. She is the founder of the Caroline Mungai Foundation and Caroline Children’s Home.

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